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Gardenia M. Henley for Congress
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Gardenia M. Henley verifying that tax dollars were spent effectively

Ms. Henley conducting an audit in Aqaba, Jordan monitoring U.S. tax dollars spent

Gardenia M. Henley Air Force Photo
Gardenia M. Henley Air Force Photo

Ms. Henley accepting an award from the U.S.
Ambassador for managing President
and First Lady Clinton's visit to Dakar,

Ms. Henley's Diplomatic Officer credential
and seal signed by Former President
Bill Clinton and Former Secretary of
State Madeline Albright

Support a Government For All People:
  • I will support all the people regardless of your race, gender, political affiliation or religious beliefs.
  • North Carolina has too many levels of management for it not to work effectively and efficiently. North Carolina's government should work for all of the people of North Carolina.
Support Responsible Use of Your Tax Dollars:
  • I have been very successful in saving hundreds of millions of your tax dollars during my career as an Inspector General Auditor-in-Charge.
  • I will continue to fight against government Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Mismanagement.
  • I will initiate a Buy Local Ordinance.
Support Economic Development and Redevelopment:
  • I will support initiatives that will help to keep and bring jobs into North Carolina.
  • I will support legislation that will encourage government to set an example of the concept to buy locally.
  • I will continue to work with businesses to encourage and promote economic development and redevelopment.
Support an Ethical and Transparent Government:
  • As your Congressional Representative, I will advocate the need forNo Fear Ordinances throughout North Carolina.  Government employees and the citizens of North Carolina should never be afraid or hesitant to report fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement within the government.  These No Fear Ordinances will help to strengthen economic development and will help to prevent and detect unethical and illegal activity within North Carolina.
  • I will always keep you in mind and consider your views and opinions relating to how your tax dollars are being spent and used.
  • I will not use your tax dollars for personal gain and will not support others misusing your tax dollars.
  • I will continue to be your financial and social watchdog and will make sure that your tax dollars are not being misused.
  • I will be ethical, transparent and fiscally responsible with your tax dollars.
Preventing Governmental Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Mismanagement


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